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Convinced of the quality of our services, we can offer an extreme guarantee!

If you accept our offer and, during the first three months you find that you didn’t receive the attention you deserve, or, the level of the service was not adequate, we reimbourse without questioning the full 100% of the accountancy fee paid by you up to that time and of course, return the basic documentation received, which are propriety of your company.

We consider as the biggest loss the needlessly spent time and the loss of a client. You can trust us.


Ideal Client

We are convinced that to work well and efficiently it is only possible between partners having the same philosophy and mentality.

For us an ideal client requires and imposes high quality professional work, asks for human communications and appreciates performance.

Our ideal clients are often the medium and small enterprises:

  • an internal accountancy is not yet an economically viable solution, but intend to work within the existing legal framework, will and can support an appropriate documentation;
  • look forward, have long or medium term perspectives, and strategy, avoid hectic actions, in the accounting too.
  • Prefer “ mutual gain” businesses, appreciate and prefer long term partnership
  • Realize the necessity to comply with legal framework, strive to tax burden reductions by legal means only and ask for our advice to find the best legal solutions;
  • Like the feeling as if he was the sole and unique client of us, a feeling given by our well organized work – no excuses instead of service.

Should you think to be an ideal client, then we are the ideal accountant for you. Check it with a guarantee of 3 months!

Ask for an offer!

For further details about our philosophy see below:

Our business strategy
Organizational structure
The 3 month guarantee
Your ideal accountant


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"The cooperation with Revidata is a real partnership, very smooth and easy. All our wishes have been totally fulfilled and questions are answered quickly and professional. The support and help goes far beyond the general agreement and makes our work in Hungary much easier."

Peter Salmutter
Area Manager
Schaumann Agri Austria GmbH & Co. KG

"A Revidata Kft. csapata társaságunk működése alatt mindent megtett, ami egy professzionális könyvelő- és tanácsadótól elvárható. Sőt, rengeteg olyasmit is, ami ma már nem magától értetődő. A személyes kapcsolattartás, a lelkiismeretes és alapos munkavégzés Önöknél „benne van az árban”, de a valóságban megfizethetetlen. Köszönöm a remek munkát, a támogatást és a hatékony segítséget. A Revidata nem csak egy szolgáltató: igazi partner."

Josef Scherer
ügyvezető igazgató
Mesterházi Attila

S&P Technical Fibres Kft.

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Revidata Kft.
Tel: +36-1 / 790-75-10
Fax: +36-1 / 790-75-11
H-1074 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 16