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Convinced of the quality of our services, we can offer an extreme guarantee!

If you accept our offer and, during the first three months you find that you didn’t receive the attention you deserve, or, the level of the service was not adequate, we reimbourse without questioning the full 100% of the accountancy fee paid by you up to that time and of course, return the basic documentation received, which are propriety of your company.

We consider as the biggest loss the needlessly spent time and the loss of a client. You can trust us.


You are planning to develop a firm in Hungary! Congratulations!!!

Hungary is member of the EU, so most of the regulation is very similar to what you are used to at home. Still, due to historical and social background the business practice and the application of law might be different.


With our help, you will easily understand the specialties of local functioning and administrational requirements. From the very beginning we can provide you the legal, tax and accounting information you need to make the right decision, build up the best structure.

You certainly have a business running, and the activity in Hungary shall be integrated. You also have a reporting system; you want to see the result of the Hungarian entity in the same way. We will make sure, that the wished reporting can be created by “a single mouse click” based on the Hungarian accounts.

For you the reporting is the most important source of information, but the “fiscs” care about local rules, contracts and administration, don’t underestimate its importance!

You will need someone you trust, who can guide you through the administrative tasks, giving you the chance to concentrate on your business!

You need someone who

  • answers your questions,
  • provides up to date information about the state of the accounts and the business as a whole,
  • early information about the changes in the regulation,
  • understands your requirements, philosophy and wishes.

In two words: a trustworthy partner!

Extend your activity to Hungary; we will assist you along the way!




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"The cooperation with Revidata is a real partnership, very smooth and easy. All our wishes have been totally fulfilled and questions are answered quickly and professional. The support and help goes far beyond the general agreement and makes our work in Hungary much easier."

Peter Salmutter
Area Manager
Schaumann Agri Austria GmbH & Co. KG

"A Revidata Kft. csapata társaságunk működése alatt mindent megtett, ami egy professzionális könyvelő- és tanácsadótól elvárható. Sőt, rengeteg olyasmit is, ami ma már nem magától értetődő. A személyes kapcsolattartás, a lelkiismeretes és alapos munkavégzés Önöknél „benne van az árban”, de a valóságban megfizethetetlen. Köszönöm a remek munkát, a támogatást és a hatékony segítséget. A Revidata nem csak egy szolgáltató: igazi partner."

Josef Scherer
ügyvezető igazgató
Mesterházi Attila

S&P Technical Fibres Kft.

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